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Modular kitchen for home at Thrissur
We have known Dr. Sheikh Akbar for quite some time now. Pastly, Dr. Akbar and us had associated for another project of his and clearly we have excelled the expectations.
This time, Dr. Akbar strived for a top-notch modular kitchen that combines functionality, durability and style tailored to meet his specific requirements. The client chose premium galvanized iron (GI) as the primary material for his kitchen. With its superior strength, durability and resistance to corrosion, this high-grade metal guarantees a long-lasting kitchen that can withstand the demands of daily use. With the best accessories – tandem boxes, pull outs, PDR unit, tall units and corner unit; this kitchen will offer efficient storage solutions, ensuring that every item has its place while enhancing convenience and organization. The design aligns perfectly with the client’s lifestyle and culinary requirements.
Client : Dr. Sheikh Akbar
Designation : Radiologist, UAE

Project : Villa – Modular kitchen

Location : Thrissur

Status : Ongoing